The Problem: Great FinTech companies are being built every day but are failing due to a lack of capital as well as banking clients.

Our plan is simple. We invest and buy up and coming fintech companies whose services provide more simplicity for the end users of our banks. Doing so will allow us to gain more intel on our customers financial habits so that we can again make wiser lending decisions.

Then as we aquire more banks we will use the our fintechs companies to make our banks more user-friendly which in turn will give us a very strong competitive advantage. And with that advantage we will be able to license our fintech service to more banks outside of our own, which will allow us to gain more data. Because we not only have data our data but now  we have all the data from every othe bank’s customers we license too, plus all the revenue from the licensing. And finally that will  help bring in additional ROI to our investors.